Spaceless - 85 Druid - Restoration (Boomkin OS)

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Spaceless - 85 Druid - Restoration (Boomkin OS)

Postby spaceless » Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:18 pm

1. General Info

First Name - Zach
Age - 26
Gender - Male
Location/Time Zone - Montana (Mountain Time Zone)

2. Character Info

Character Name - Spaceless
Race - Tauren
Class - Druid
Main/Off Spec - Restoration / Moonkin
Wowarmory or Wow-Heroes Link (Log out in PVE gear) - ... ess/simple
Current Item Level Average in PVE gear: 351

3. What times you are able to play? (Please use server time and be specific or your app will not be considered)
My job sometimes has very sporadic hours, but generally, excluding several instances (this week), I am available to play after 3pm server time

4. In as much detail as possible, please describe your "rotation" in a tank-and-spank boss encounter (100% -> 0%). This includes healers, and how you would handle healing the tank / raid.

As a Restoration Druid, I would assume my main focus would be on raid healing, and this "rotation" will be ordered as such. Depending on the role assigned and specific fight, my spec, and to a lesser extent, rotation, can be altered to suit the particular situation.

A continuous 3-stack of Lifebloom upon the Tank/Offtank, refreshed throughout the fight by re-application or a Nourish/Healing Touch if time permits the cast. Wild Growth would generally be on cooldown, unless there is a period of time with little to no raid damage. Rejuvenation would be blanketed throughout the raid when necessary, with Swiftmend being cast to either provide a quick heal to a player in danger, or to heal through expected AOE damage. Regrowth would be used sparingly on players in danger of dying, since it is so mana inefficient.

During phases with heavy damage, Tree of Life can be used to blanket the raid with Lifeblooms, which gives a greater chance of proccing Clearcasting for a Healing Touch, as well as gaining a Wild Growth target and having instant Regrowths to save low health players. Tree of Life would generally be capped off with a Tranquility at the end of the duration to benefit from the increased healing the form provides.

In addition to these strategies, I have a macro using Nature's Swiftness to provide an instant cast Healing Touch in times of emergency, and have trinkets linked to Swiftmend to provide a boost to healing/mana regen on consistent basis.

4a. Please give a brief outline of what you consider your job in a raid and how you could benefit the guild? (answers like "phat deeps" will not help you)
I would consider the role of a restoration druid would be to act as a buffer from raid damage, keeping everyone at acceptable health levels while the other healer(s) take advantage of this to provide additional raid healing or allow time enough to get off bigger heals to individual targets.

5. Do you have a stable internet connection?
I play casually on a wireless connection, but have a very stable wired connection for raiding.

6. Are you an active player outside of raiding? Do you like obtaining achievements?
I enjoy all aspects of WoW, though I am not a very big fan of PvP. I have two level 85's, and other characters at levels 82,78,72,70, and other lower level alts. This is my third WoW account, and have played every single class at maximum level at one point in the games history. I enjoy this game enough to have been continually playing since it's release.

7. Why do you want to join Carpe Flux Capacitor? Do you know anyone in Carpe Flux Capacitor?
I took a break over the past year because of a very intense class schedule (24 credits/semester) and have been playing casually. Now that I have the majority of my work behind me, I would like to get back into raiding. I chose this guild because I feel I still have the chance to catch up on your progression level without being a burden, as well as this seeming to be a very mature and laid-back community of players.
I do not know anyone currently in the guild.

8. Please list your previous/current guilds and reasons for leaving.
I cannot remember the name of my last few guilds (one of them was Blight), but they were during Wrath when my resto shaman was my main. Before that I had another account with my main being a dscipline priest, and cannot remember the name of the guilds either.

9. What is your raiding experience in:

Original (Vanilla)- MC, BWL, ZG, AQ20

BC- Kara, ZA

Wrath- Naxx, OS, EoE, Uld, TotC, ICC (10/12 Hardmodes in 25man during Wrath)
Here is my link to my resto shaman with the ICC HM stats ... umm/simple
I was consistently 2nd on the healing meters, right behind our OP holy paladin with Val'Anyr (Legendary healing mace)

Cata- I do not have any current raiding experience (not counting BH), but I have watched all the tankspot videos on every fight multiple times, and fully understand the mechanics and strategies that need to be employed. I feel my previous raiding experience will show I understand fight mechanics and demonstrates my ability to succeed. I have had experience with every healing class at level 80+, and understand how they operate and complement each other. I do not want to be carried, and wish only for the opportunity to prove I can be an asset to the raid.

10. How can you improve yourself as a player?
I always have meters running, not as a basis for everything I do, but to use for analysis to see how I can improve. I always observe other players (especially healers) to try and learn from them. I pride myself on quick reaction timing, as well as efficient decision making, but I do make mistakes, and I always remember those to try and improve on the next go-around. I take instructions well, and am a very fast learner.

Misc. Info

Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do outside of WoW?
I currently am attending college as a Health Science/Community Health major, just having finished up my summer courses, and will be a senior next year. With classes being over for the summer, I work for the conference services division of my college. I like to play Playstation 3 and watch Netflix, as well as play frisbee, golf, and the occasional hiking excursion. Living in small town Montana, my main activity other than these is drinking heavily at the bars (as that's the only thing to really do here). I'm very friendly and laid-back, and try to find humor in everyday life.

Did you read the Raid and Guild rules found here and do you understand them?
I have read them and understand them.

Thank you for your Consideration!
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