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Postby Sanatio » Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:11 pm

1. General Info

First Name - Derek Riemers
Age - 17
Gender - Male 8-)
Location/Time Zone - United States, MN/Standard Central Time

2. Character Info

Character Name - Sanatio
Race - Troll
Class - Shaman
Main/Off Spec - Restoration/Elemental
Wowarmory or Wow-Heroes Link (Log out in PVE gear) - I currently have a new trinket, Core of Ripeness! I am also not a dwarf, I am a troll.
Current Item Level Average in PVE gear: Currently 357, but estimated to be higher

3. What times you are able to play? (Please use server time and be specific or your app will not be considered)
I'm normally only play when I am getting geard for raids or when raiding. So I normally revolve around changing or stable raid times.
4. In as much detail as possible, please describe your "rotation" in a tank-and-spank boss encounter (100% -> 0%). This includes healers, and how you would handle healing the tank / raid. I normally cast Riptide on tank to start off fight, throw down a couple healing waves/greater healing waves, chain heal, couple more healing waves/greater healing waves and then repeat. when tanks or raid members are dropping rapidly healing surge or a nature's swiftness+greater healing wave comes in handy. when stacking i will obviously throw down healing rain and normally spam chain heal. i use decursive so handling curses is a breeze. as for earth shield i always keep in on one tank. also for mana conservation i usually put down mana tide totem at the begining of a fight and once or twice more depending on fight. so i hardly ever go oom. if i do mana regen is easy.

4a. Please give a brief outline of what you consider your job in a raid and how you could benefit the guild? (answers like "phat deeps" will not help you) i consider myself a very efficient healer and very loyal when respected as i would give others respect. i am also a miner and jc and i can supply a variety of gems to the guild when needed. i also do "phat heals"

5. Do you have a stable internet connection? Not the best internet connection in the world, but I never d/c

6. Are you an active player outside of raiding? Do you like obtaining achievements? I am normally only active outside of raiding when i am playing with friends ingame or when i am gearing for raids, otherwise i am no all that active when i dont raid.

7. Why do you want to join Carpe Flux Capacitor? Do you know anyone in Carpe Flux Capacitor? I want to join Carpe Flux Capacitor because I faction changed with a friend and we are looking for a guild to raid with.

8. Please list your previous/current guilds and reasons for leaving. I used to be in Atria, I left the guild because the Guild leader's gf broke up with him over stupid reasons, so now she left the guild with all her toons that provided alot fot the guild. now the guild leader is a wreck and hasn't played for 1-2months. so now the guild is just a wreck.

9. What is your raiding experience in:

Original (Vanilla)- None

BC- None

Wrath- Toc, VoA, ICC, EoE, Ony, Naxx, Parts of Uld, OS.

10. How can you improve yourself as a player? I think I can improve myself as a player by getting better gear from FL and learning the fights :D

Misc. Info

Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do outside of WoW? I dance and sing in the show, I keeps tater tots in my pocket for snacking later, I play xbox live when I get bored, I hang out with friends frequently, I am also a senior in high school.

Did you read the Raid and Guild rules found here and do you understand them? I sure did, and I sure do.
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