Greenburg - Druid - Balance

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Greenburg - Druid - Balance

Postby Greenburg » Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:54 pm

1. General Info

First Name - Justin
Age - 26
Gender - Male
Location/Time Zone - PST

2. Character Info

Character Name - Greenburg (alts include Jizzabelle (85 tank) and Actionjaksen (85 spriest)
Race - Troll
Class - Druid
Main/Off Spec - Balance/toying with Resto
Wowarmory or Wow-Heroes Link (Log out in PVE gear) - ... g/advanced
Current Item Level Average in PVE gear: 338 and rising fast!

3. What times you are able to play? (Please use server time and be specific or your app will not be considered)
Sun-Thur 2:00p.m. - 10:30p.m.
Fri-Sat, 2:00p.m. - 5:00a.m.
I do like to go out, so some Fridays or Saturdays I might not be here. If this is the case there will be plenty of notice, and it will typically be either Friday OR Saturday for any given weekend (not both nights).

4. In as much detail as possible, please describe your "rotation" in a tank-and-spank boss encounter (100% -> 0%). This includes healers, and how you would handle healing the tank / raid.
For a tank and spank:
I'll always open with my cooldown abilities, Force of Nature, Starfall, Racials, Trinkets, etc. (again this is for a tank and spank fight, this is to allow for the most "up time" on these abilities),
this will be followed by both of my dots, and then proceed to run my eclipse cycles while refreshing any dots that fall off or abilities coming off cooldown.

4a. Please give a brief outline of what you consider your job in a raid and how you could benefit the guild? (answers like "phat deeps" will not help you)
My role in a raid group is primarily to add damage and utility, followed by support and knowledge. For any raid boss the easy answer is "dps", but coming into the fight knowing the boss AND being able to explain that to others is often times just as important. My job is knowing the fights, helping others learn the fight, and providing as much damage/cc/kiting as I can in the meantime.

5. Do you have a stable internet connection?
Comcast cable ftw!

6. Are you an active player outside of raiding? Do you like obtaining achievements?
I'm very active outside of raiding whether it's pvp, farming, or leveling alts.
Currently I have 2 other level 85 alts that I could potentially bring to the guild to offer versatility if needed (see above for names), and I play both of these quite a bit when I'm not raiding.

7. Why do you want to join Carpe Flux Capacitor? Do you know anyone in Carpe Flux Capacitor?
I originally heard about Carpe Flux Capacitor when my rl buddy Darkfeast joined back in the early stages of Wrath. He has always sang your praises, and I know even when he moved on he always had great things to say about Carpe. So when I saw that you guys were recruiting (and recruiting for 10 man specifically) I thought it sounded like it could be a good fit, especially since you can probably tell from my armory page that I'm not quite geared for raids as of yet, but if I understood correctly you guys were a few weeks away as well. What I'm really looking for in a guild is one that I can get in and progress through Cata with a core group.

8. Please list your previous/current guilds and reasons for leaving.
Came from the server Ner'zhul 2 yeas ago (guild reference would be Sword Of The Horde prior to the move)

Girls Night Out - 1-1/2 years - Dissolved the guild after not enough people came back for Cataclysm.
Acceptable losses - 2 months - Followed a few friends from Girls Night Out over to this guild, but the raid times never really worked for me......or so I found out.

9. What is your raiding experience in:

Original (Vanilla)- None

BC- A little The Eye (after it was old content though)

Wrath- Tanked and dps'ed - Naxx 10, Naxx 25, VoA 10, VoA 25, Uld 10, ToC 10, ToC 25, ToGC 10, ICC 10, ICC 25, ICC 10 heroic

10. How can you improve yourself as a player?
Become more patient and brush up on my pvp skills

Misc. Info
I live and work a little bit outside of Seattle, WA. I work in international sales and engineering for a fortune 500 company that deals in machinery, I'm like most other people, likes to go out with friends on the weekend, see movies, go to concerts, love most sports (especially football).

Did you read the Raid and Guild rules found here and do you understand them?
I did and I do
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