Hellscream dethroned; Orgrimmar liberated!

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Hellscream dethroned; Orgrimmar liberated!

Postby Devee » Mon Mar 10, 2014 12:44 am

On March 9, 2014, Carpe Flux Capacitor removed the mantle of Warchief from Garrosh Hellscream and liberated Orgrimmar!


Congratulations to Chairmanpow, Metolius, Mooglegem, Moolissah, Mushkin, Pepperhore, Tarok, Washuwa, Zetzu, and myself, Devee, for defeating Garrosh on the guild's 45th attempt.



Congratulations to Pepperhore for winning Hellscream's Warstaff.

Congratulations to Washuwa for winning Hellscream's Barrier.

Dropped loot!

Congratulations to Pepperhore for winning Essence of the Cursed Vanquisher.

Congratulations to Chairmanpow for winning Kor'kron Spire of Supremacy.

Congratulations to Mooglegem for winning Revelations of Y'Shaarj.

Bonus loot!

Congratulations to Melolius for winning Black Blood of Y'Shaarj.

Congratulations to Mushkin for winning Spaulders of the Fallen Warchief.

Congratulations to myself for winning Essence of the Cursed Conquerer, used to purchase my fifth and final normal-mode healing tier piece.

Congratulations to the guild as a whole for completing the expansion!

Feel free to check out the video or log.
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