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It is true that I have now added a number generator thinger confirmation thinger pipe bomb thinger (eh?) to the Register page, so hopefully that gets rid of all those annoying spam bots. GL!

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Graul has found himself a new addiction and has stepped down from the position of guild leader. His last words were some grumbling about Bliz breaking warriors.

Thus it is with a heavy heart that I assume the role as guild leader of Edict of Pain. I plan to keep us healthy and happy into the expansion, as we wander our way to 70 and begrudgingly accept paladins into our ranks.

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Have a safe and happy (and drunken, if that's your thing) new year!

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Grats on whoever felt the need to completely purge the Announcement and Recruitment forums on your way out. If we had any doubts to your immaturity, they are gone now.

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Death Knight Closed
   Frost High
   Unholy High
Druid Closed
   Feral High
Hunter Closed
Mage Closed
Monk Closed
   Windwalker High
Paladin Closed
   Retribution High
Priest Closed
Rogue Closed
   Assassination High
   Combat High
Shaman Closed
   Enhancement High
Warlock Closed
Warrior Closed

Progression Tracker

Kargath Bladefist 2/10/2015
The Butcher 1/13/2015
Brackenspore 1/13/2015
Tectus 1/13/2015
Twin Ogron 1/13/2015
Koragh 1/21/2015
Imperator Margok --
Blackrock Foundry
Gruul 2/4/2015
Oregorger 2/18/2015
Beastlord Darmac 2/18/2015
Flamebender Kagraz 3/4/2015
Hansgar and Franzok 3/4/2015
Operator Thogar
The Blast Furnace
The Iron Maidens


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